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AEELA Discount Program
AEELA and Co-pharma Integrated Solutions (CISO) have created a new Discount Program for medicines beginning on March 1st, 2009, in which you could save up to 50% of the list price on medicines in more than 700 pharmacies throughout the Island. All AEELA active and retired members could voluntarily sign up to this annual membership by completing the membership application and returning it along with the membership fee to the AEELA Central Office or to any of its branches. The duration of the membership is of one year from the effectivity date.

Once the membership card is received, the member could start obtaining discounts on prescription medicines. Members must show the membership card to enjoy the discounts of the program. We have created this program to have you and your family save money on your prescription medicines regardless of your age or medical condition.

Check the Participating Pharmacies

To obtain more information about this program please contact:                 

CISO - Service Center - 787-622-0050 or Toll Free at 1-877-996-9956
AEELA - 787-641-4014 or 641-4015 or visit

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